I’m Looking Over…

I found a four-leaf clover!

I have been in the habit of looking for these since I was a little girl. Every time I come across a clover patch, I have to look at least for a few seconds. I found one when I was 17, but nada since then…until this summer.

This time I wasn’t really looking. I was crawling out from under the cottage after turning on the pump and had my head down to avoid bashing it on the stoop I was under. Just as I noticed the patch of clover, I didn’t even have time to think, “hey, I wonder…” when it just jumped out and grabbed me by the eyeballs.

I’ve since read that the best way to find a four-leaf clover is to not look too hard for it. It’s a pattern-recognition thing. Just let your eyes scan over a patch of clover. If there is one that doesn’t match the usual 3-leaf pattern, the oddball will visually stand out.

I also read that their occurance is approximately one in every 10,000 clovers. However, as they are caused by a genetic mutation, and a clover patch is generally a single plant, odds are that if you find one, chances are good that you’ll find more in the same area. Of course, most of us, after finding one, would think it was so rare we’d never think of looking for more.

I went back under the stoop and checked the clover patch. I found five more four leaf clovers.

When someone says “don’t press your luck”, they mean stop when the going is good or the universe will punish you for your greed. But if the universe throws up something lucky, here’s genetic proof that it’s ok to keep looking for more.

Anyway, I did press my luck…between wax paper, actually…then laminated them and gave most of them away.

Because since I’m clearly superstitious, I believe that giving away good luck to others brings luck to the person sharing the luck as well as the receiver. I’m sure there’s something faulty in my logic there, and some will argue that this whole belief in lucky clovers isn’t logical anyway. But come on, I found six four-leaf clovers in one day, and that is rare and magical.

1 thought on “I’m Looking Over…

  1. Ann, I love your blog! It’s so cool. Your found objects are really interesting and I like that you research them a bit too.

    I have a lot of four leaf clovers within the pages of my books but I always forget about them. When I find them again later, I feel lucky all over again.

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