Man of La Mancha

Found, in Fenelon Falls, Ontario (pop. 1,800), a 1797 Spanish edition of Don Quixote.


It’s not worth much, as antique books go, as it’s damaged, only one volume of a three-volume edition, and not a first edition. How it came to be in this small town (officially only a “village”) in the heart of United Empire Loyalist territory is beyond me. But I was meant to find it. I had just returned from a trip to western Spain, southwest of Madrid, where tributes to Cervantes abounded, and where, to my surprise, I’d serendipitously stumbled upon the hometown of my father’s Spanish-Jewish ancestors. That’s a whole other story…but needless to say when I found this book (printed in Madrid) I could practically hear it laughing, and daring me not to buy it.

No, I don’t read Spanish…yet.

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