Challenge From My Younger Self

Does anyone remember puzzle rings?


They’re just what they sound like. They’re rings, and they’re puzzles. They’re made of four intertwined metal pieces that, when assembled correctly, form a single ring. The ring stays put as long as it’s on your finger, but deconstructs when you remove it.

I had three puzzle rings (and somewhere, still do): a dainty, thin wire one; a more solid, smooth, silver one reminiscent of celtic tracery; and this big chunky one that felt kind of bad-ass. I bought this one in the Hobbies & Crafts building at the CNE. I was a wiz at assembling them, unlike some of my friends who couldn’t figure them out.

I wore them for a few years and then eventually retired them. As you can see, when I put them away I wrapped tape around the bases to hold them together. My younger self was pretty sure my older self would pull them out years hence and be too addle-brained to remember how to assemble them.

I’m thinking of throwing caution to the wind and taking the tape off. What do you think? I think I’ll take it to the polls:

7 thoughts on “Challenge From My Younger Self

  1. Take the tape off, because even if you don’t get it back together, it will be fun trying (that’s what puzzles are for, no?) and anyway, since you haven’t been wearing it much, it’s more fun as a puzzle that may never again get back into a ring than as a ring you never wear.

  2. I think it depends on how frustrated/upset you might be if you can’t get it back together. I have one of these and it’s completely tarnished at the back of my jewellery box because it has wire wrapped around it that makes it uncomfortable to wear, but I remember having a total hissyfit once when I couldn’t get it back together. Which is ridiculous, but there you go.

  3. Exactly! So far a couple of people think that I’m either ready for the retirement home or that I”ll have a hissy fit or worse. 🙂 If the poll results tell me to take the tape off, AND if I figure it out, I’ll let you know how. We could resurrect a fashion trend!

  4. I still love and wear my puzzle ring. I’d love to get another few ones. I rilly rilly like the chunky one. Take off the tape! Throw caution to the wind! Be free with your bad self.

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