Kitschen Kitsch Day 2: You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato

I have not one, but two, sets of vintage salt and pepper shakers that are shaped like tomatoes.

This is because I already owned a teapot shaped like a tomato. And a matching tomato cream and sugar set. Now that I think about it, that tomato teapot was the actual beginning of my vintage kitchenware collection. I had a dark kitchen that needed brightening up, and that red was just the ticket. I quickly found out that, like the Japanese salt and pepper shakers, tomato-shaped items were everywhere in Retro Land. It’s actually called Tomato Ware. At some point in the 20th Century making ceramic items shaped like tomatoes became a world-wide phenomenon; the Tomato era actually stretches from 1920s to the 1970s, although the bulk seem to be 40s and 50s. Tomato tea pots. Tomato salt and pepper shakers. Tomato cookie jars. Tomato jam pots. I still haven’t found an explanation why.

I never actually used the tomato teapot, however, because I couldn’t get past the thought that the tea would come out tasting like tomato juice. Yes, that is about as logical as Tomato Ware collecting. But I guess a lot of people really, really like tomatoes.

2 thoughts on “Kitschen Kitsch Day 2: You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato

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  2. I have always adored Tomato ware, but I never knew it was a thing – that it had a name. I really like all vegetable-shaped dishware, actually. I have a pumpkin soup tureen that has actually once contained pumpkin soup but is usually used to hold Halloween candy. I have an eggplant platter and a cabbage bowl. It’s all Fitz and Floyd, which does the best kitsch dishes, IMO.

    Thanks for sharing!

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