Bunnies and Bears

Another kitchen-related post…In the unnecessary but cute category, I present bear and bunny shaped egg presses:

What’s an egg press? It’s a mold to reshape a hard-boiled egg so it no longer resembles an egg. You know, for those folks averse to eating a baby chick…maybe it will look more appetizing as a bunny. Cute food? Or disturbing? My eggs now have faces.

The presses are part of the bento tradition—bento is essentially a japanese lunch box, but the contents range from simple to highly elaborate. There’s a sub-category of bento where, it seems, folks try to one-up each other creating seriously complex art/lunches with vegetables carved like cartoon characters, rice balls shaped like animals, and sushi shaped like the entire cast of Harry Potter.

Compared to some efforts (like these examples, verging on the “are you insane?!”), the egg presses are bento for the lazy. All you do is boil some eggs, peel them while they’re still hot, place them in the presses and put them in the fridge to cool for about 10 minutes. Here’s my first attempt:

The eggs I used were  a bit too small, so bear doesn’t quite have all his ears.

The presses also come in other shapes—I saw fish, cars, hearts and stars. I’m amused at the pairing of the bear and bunny, though, because, as any ukulele enthusiast will know, they are reminiscent of U900, the famous crocheted bear and bunny ukulele masters.

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