Happy St. Pat’s to the Irish and the Wannabees

Today’s find: a Guinness-flavoured macaron:

It’s pretty much my only concession to St. Patrick’s Day this year. I am one-quarter Irish—giving me licence to legitimately celebrate, but not enough to feel obligated. As I hate being around really drunk people, I will likely not be going out tonight.

However, being one-quarter Irish, I can say I’ve done some pretty stereotypical Irishy things that have not necessarily involved alcohol. Like being in Dublin on Bloomsday, and taking part in a 24-hour reading of James Joyce’s Ulysses. And having a pretty extensive collection of Van Morrison, the Chieftans, et al.

And letting a complete stranger dangle me by the legs 125 feet above the ground so that I could kiss the Blarney stone.

It doesn’t look all that challenging when you see in on video, but once you’re up there, you realize a) you’re really high up; b) those “safety bars” are still wide enough apart that you could fall through, and c) when you’re only 5 feet tall, a significant section of your body has to hang over the gap. I was comforted by the knowledge that my great-grandfather, who came from Cork not far from Blarney Castle, likely may have also kissed the Blarney Stone, before they installed the safety bars. He was apparently the genetic source of my shortness, being himself only five feet tall, so if he could pull it off, so could I.

But now that I’m older and lamer, I’m just going to stay home and eat a Guinness-flavoured macaron* and call it a day.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day—have fun and stay safe, folks!

*from Nadege patisserie on Queen West in Toronto. (Also accompanied by a salted caramel and a mocha…did you really think I’d only buy one macaron?)

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