Fool, Britannia!

It’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend. I do not own an outrageous garden-party hat to wear in honour of Her Majesty’s 60th year on the throne, but I do have these:

Hoarder confession: I have owned them for years – nay, decades, at this point. Years ago my British mother brought them back from a trip to England—not that she would have ever worn such things herself! (And even more horrifying: each of my three brothers got a pair, too…as if the four of us would actually wear matching socks.) How have they lasted so long? Well, I am not a loud-sock-wearing kind of person, so I have never, ever worn them. Plus, they are polyester. Plus, they got stuck in the bureau behind a drawer for several years and I didn’t rediscover them until I moved a fews years ago and took the drawer out. Tomorrow, I may get up the nerve to put them on my feet. A sartorial sacrifice from the Commonwealth. Pass the Pimms!


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